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Kitchen Packs

When you first arrive at your hotel, the last thing you are thinking of is whether there will be essentials such as dishwashing soap or black bin bags. However, these are the kinds of items you will need before too long. Fortunately, with our cost-effective and highly practical kitchen packs, your guests won’t have to worry too much for those first few days. 

Each kitchen welcome pack contains a dishcloth, scourer, 30ml of high-quality washing up liquid and a black bin bag. All items have been sourced and handpicked to give your guests something special. It means at the very least they will be able to wash up some cups for a nice hot beverage and ensure your hotel room is kept in a clean and hygienic condition. 

You will also find that we stock other cleaning products alongside our welcome kitchen packs, such as strong bin bags, cleaning sprays and liquids and a wide selection of paper products and cloths. When your guests see that you have provided a comprehensive range of cleaning products, they will rest assured that they have everything they need.