Jams and Preservatives

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Jams and Preservatives

What could be better than waking up, putting the kettle on and having a nice hot drink? Having some nice spreads to go with some buttered toast, that’s what! Treat your guests to a nice selection of jams and preservatives, whether it’s part of the complimentary in-room pack or when they come to breakfast.

At Walter Geerings we have an exceptional range of different spreads to choose from. From delicious Duerr’s Honeys and Jams to Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter, we even offer, as a nice treat for the more exclusive clientele, Pimm’s Jam. Great for those first slices of toast in the morning, as a topping for scones at high tea, or just to have as a tasty extra.

To go along with our jams and preservatives, we also have a wider selection of food and drink products. You can source all the high-end tea, coffee and even biscuits for your hotel right here at Walter Geering.