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Walter Geering understands that a guest’s first impression matters, and packaging plays a crucial role in shaping that impression. By incorporating a holiday park or accommodation provider’s branding onto welcome packs, they create a sense of familiarity and reinforce the guest’s decision to choose that specific destination. The personalised branding establishes a strong connection between the guest and the establishment, making them feel recognised and appreciated from the outset.

A well-designed welcome pack not only carries the brand’s visual identity but also reflects the experience and unique offerings of the holiday park or accommodation provider. Walter Geering collaborates closely with their clients to incorporate the essence of their brand and identity into the packaging. Whether it’s a rustic countryside retreat or a beachside resort, the welcome pack can capture the spirit of the destination, setting the tone for the guests’ stay and creating anticipation for what lies ahead.

Build Your Own Kitchen and Consumable Welcome Packs

Introducing Walter Geering’s “Build Your Own” Welcome Packs for Holiday Parks and Accommodation Providers

At Walter Geering, we understand the importance of providing a warm and welcoming experience for your guests. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our “Build Your Own” Welcome Packs, designed specifically for holiday parks and accommodation providers. With these customisable packs, you can curate a bespoke selection of essentials and goodies, ensuring your guests’ holiday gets off to a fantastic start.

When it comes to the contents of the welcome packs, the options are plentiful. We offer a wide range of items that can be included, allowing you to create a pack that perfectly suits your guests’ requirements. From kitchen cleaning essentials like dish soap, sponges, and bin bags to consumables such as tea, coffee, milk, and sugar, you can ensure that your guests have everything they need to start their stay comfortably.

Bespoke and Personalised Dispensers

Bespoke branded dispensers can be a popular option for those within the hospitality, tourism and care industry, as they can help to make visitors’ impressions, and enjoyment of facilities, a more memorable one.

A popular option is for an establishment to make its mark on its toiletries, branding them with their image. Personalised dispensers inspire your bathroom or restroom with an image of prestige and glamour; the idea that an establishment would have their own range of toiletries is an impressive one.

Walter Geering can produce personalised 300ml dispensers on Low Minimum Quantities. All we need is a high resolution logo, and we can take care of the rest.

Personalised dispensers can also make a fine souvenir for visitors staying with you, so being able to offer the products for sale at reception will not only allow your guest to take a piece of the holiday home with them but will also provide an additional revenue stream for your establishment too.

To make further savings the dispensers can be refilled using 5L refill containers suitably branded to match.

For more information on our personalised dispensers service, contact us today.

Bespoke toiletries and amenities

In addition to our own brand toiletry collections, Ebony, Verdi, Era, Maitri, Floral and Signature, we can also provide you with a personalised toiletry collection. Our marketing team are brand and design experts and will work with you to create a collection that truly reflects your brand and identity.

We will work with you on the design, fragrance and packaging. We can provide a variety of personalised products, including miniature toiletries, soap, accessories, like shower caps and dental kits, and much more! We can also offer personalised bathrobes and slippers, leather products, like menus and guest information folders and stationery.

Pricing for these items vary, depending on the complexity of the design and the quantities and we will work with you to accommodate your budgets.

Bespoke toiletries may require a minimum order quantity, but we will hold your stock in our warehouse for a maximum of 12 months, allowing you to “call off” your products on a monthly basis.

We provide bespoke products for a variety of customers including hotels, holiday parks, hospitals and universities and cruise ships.

For more information or a quote please contact our experienced customer services team or complete the form below.

Bespoke Leather Menus, Guest Information Folders, and Bill Presenters: Elevating Hospitality Experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, attention to detail and personalised experiences play a crucial role in setting establishments apart. Among the various elements that contribute to a memorable guest experience, bespoke leather
menus, guest information folders, and bill presenters have emerged as exquisite tools that not only convey information but also reflect the establishment’s commitment to
sophistication and quality.

Crafted with precision and elegance, bespoke leather menus serve as the gateway to a culinary journey, capturing the essence of a restaurant’s offerings. These menus are meticulously designed to align with the establishment’s brand identity, ambiance, and cuisine, reflecting a seamless blend of style and functionality. Whether showcasing a fine dining establishment’s refined dishes or a trendy café’s artisanal creations, leather menus exude a sense of luxury, enticing guests to explore and indulge.

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