Make the essentials a little more extravagant with high-end toiletries for your guests, at Walter Geering, we provide an extensive selection of luxury hotel toiletries for the hospitality industry. Our toiletries range includes a variety of our own brands such as the best-selling exotic Ebony London Collection, the fresh smelling Verdi Collection and the eco-friendly Era and Signature Collections. 

Each toiletry collection boasts a range of fragrances such as one of the more popular scents, the fruity Honey and Mango which is available as shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion and hand & body wash. 

The Era Collection is our superb eco-friendly collection, featuring recycling friendly biodegradable tubes and gentle White Tea and Jasmine fragrance it is kind to your skin and the environment.

The Signature Collection is made with 30% wheat straw, with its luxury look and high quality fragrance it’s quickly becoming a favourite among hoteliers and guests.

If you are looking for modern packaging look no further than our Verdi Collection, with its contemporary look and invigorating fresh scent it’s not surprising that it’s one of our most popular collections. 

We stock a range of accessories for you to display your toiletries, from perspex trays to sachet holders. We also additionally offer a selection of these luxury high-end brand toiletries for your home so you can experience the luxury every day.