5 ways to make your hotel more eco-friendly

As people become more environmentally conscious in the way they live, they are also implementing this in the way they travel and the accommodation they choose. Adopting greener practices for your business will not only help the environment but also keep your hotel competitive while saving you money through lower operational costs. Here are five ways to make your hotel more sustainable.

Lower your laundry costs
Laundering is often the largest energy cost for hotels. So anything to reduce the amount of daily laundering can help your hotel become more eco-friendly. One way to tackle this issue is to place a card in each room stating that if the towel is left on the floor you want it replaced, otherwise it will be left for re-use. This will help reduce energy use and costs.

Eco-friendly toiletries
Changing your toiletries to more sustainable alternatives is a quick and easy way to make your hotel more eco-friendly. Here at Walter Geering, we are strongly committed to reducing plastic throughout our supply and manufacturing chain. The 35ml bottles of our Signature collection, for example, are made with 30% wheat straw, and therefore 30% less plastic.

Alternative snacks
Many hotels offer snacks such as nuts, chocolates and crisps in rooms and reception area vending machines. A way to cut down on the plastic waste left from food wrappers is by replacing these with dispensers that guests can use with a reusable container for the snacks.

Key card readers
When your guests are rushing off early in the morning to fit in all the attractions, it can be easy for them to leave room lights on. Installing key card readers that switch off the electricity when the card is removed helps cut all this wasted energy use.

Temperature controls
Another way to reduce energy use and costs, in the long run, is by making sure rooms have temperature controls, this means you can better monitor energy use and that heating appliances aren’t left on in unoccupied rooms. The control unit can also have a minimum and maximum temperature set to prevent guests from overheating or overcooling their rooms. The card reader previously mentioned could also be set to switch off heating/air-conditioning units.

Find out more
These are just some of the many ways you can increase your hotel’s green credentials and reduce energy and the costs associated with running your business. To discuss ways we can help your hotel become more eco-friendly, then please get in touch with our knowledgeable team today!

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