Era dispensers have arrived

When we were developing our Era collection back in 2015 we knew we needed to bring a toiletry collection to the market that began to address the concerns of plastic, and indeed plastic waste, within the hospitality industry.

Our Era dispensers come in both a hand wash and hand lotion and are the perfect duo for public bathrooms in hotels, restaurants, commercial offices and more! With a sleek square bottle and design with freshen up any washroom setting.

The 35ml tubes within our Era collection are oxo-biodegradable and it was important that the dispenser collection was equally environmentally responsible. Having spent a number of months researching the latest innovation in plastic technology, and considering that are dispensers are designed to be refilled, we decided to make theses dispenser bottles using post-consumer recycled plastic.

We continue to work closely with our plastic manufacturers and are continuously testing the latest eco friendly solutions, to ensure we continue to bring our customers market leading products the will support their own commitment to the environment.

Look out for our these Eco Credential Icons when you shop the site!



With Recycled Wood Pulp & Bamboo

With PCR Plastic

With Prevented Ocean Plastic

With Wheat Straw


With Organic Argan Oil

Vegan Friendly

Not Tested On Animals

Paraben Free

Made In The UK