Friday Round-Up: Sunshine, Surge in Orders, and Environmental Celebrations at Walter Geering!

Hello, readers! Welcome to our Friday round-up at Walter Geering, where we bring you the latest news and updates from the world of hospitality supplies. It has been a fantastic week in the UK, with glorious sunshine gracing most parts of the country. As the kids returned to school, we noticed a surge in orders towards the end of the week, indicating an encouraging trend for UK staycations.

While some customers have reported lower year-on-year bookings, the recent spell of sunny weather seems to have prompted last-minute bookings for UK staycations. It’s heartening to see families and individuals taking advantage of the beautiful weather and exploring the wonders that our country has to offer. At Walter Geering, we are dedicated to supporting our customers in the hospitality sector as they cater to the needs of these spontaneous holidaymakers.

This week, we also celebrated two important occasions: World Environment Day and World Ocean Day. As a company committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, these days hold great significance for us. We took the opportunity to reflect on our practices and explore ways to further minimise our impact on the planet. We encourage our customers and partners to join us in promoting sustainable practices within the hospitality industry.

Speaking of our operations, we received a substantial delivery from our European manufacturing facility this week. The arrival of this shipment kept our warehouse team busy as they diligently sorted and organised the products. We take great pride in maintaining a reliable and well-stocked inventory to meet the demands of our customers swiftly and efficiently.

In line with evolving trends in the industry, we have noticed a growing interest in bespoke toiletries. Hotels and accommodation providers are increasingly looking to create a more personalised and memorable experience for their guests. Our team is well-equipped to handle these inquiries and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and branding requirements of our customers. We are thrilled to be a part of this trend and assist in creating exceptional guest experiences.

As we wrap up this week’s round-up, we want to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for their continued support. At Walter Geering, we are committed to delivering top-quality supplies, embracing sustainability, and providing personalised solutions to meet the changing demands of the hospitality industry. We look forward to the coming weeks and the opportunities they bring to further serve our valued customers.

Stay tuned for more updates, exciting launches, and industry insights in the weeks to come. Have a wonderful weekend, and let’s continue working together to create remarkable experiences for guests across the UK!

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