Jessica Marson Joins Steering Committee of Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show 2023: A New Chapter for Walter Geering

The Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show is entering an exciting new phase with the recent acquisition by Agriconnect in 2022. As the UK’s largest expo for rural holiday parks, leisure, and attraction businesses, the show has garnered significant attention in the industry. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Jessica Marson, head of sales and marketing at Walter Geering, has joined the steering committee for the 2023 show. This collaboration promises to bring fresh ideas, expertise, and opportunities to both the show and the attendees.

New Ownership and the Agriconnect Portfolio

With Agriconnect’s acquisition, the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show has gained a strong ally that understands the potential and significance of the industry. The first steering committee meeting was a crucial step in outlining the vision for the future. It covered various topics, including the new ownership and an overview of the Agriconnect portfolio, which signifies a commitment to elevating the show’s status.

Event Size and Scale

One of the primary foci of the steering committee is to enhance the event’s size and scale. By attracting a wider range of participants and exhibitors, H2023 aims to create an even more comprehensive showcase of the industry’s latest innovations, products, and services.

Improving the Event Experience

The steering committee also addressed key areas for improvement based on feedback from previous shows. Understanding the importance of innovation in today’s digital age, the committee has decided to introduce an app and a match-making service for attendees, making it easier for them to connect with exhibitors and other industry professionals. Additionally, enhancements such as improved floorplans, high-quality carpeting, and increased sponsorship opportunities will elevate the overall experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

The Role of Walter Geering and Jessica Marson

Walter Geering’s inclusion in the steering committee highlights their position as a key player in the industry. As head of sales and marketing, Jessica Marson brings her expertise in driving sales, building relationships, and marketing strategies to the table. By actively participating in the decision-making process, Walter Geering is positioning itself as a leader in shaping the future of the holiday park and leisure industry.

Exciting Opportunities for Show Attendees

This collaboration presents an array of exciting opportunities for show attendees. With improved matchmaking services, visitors can expect to make valuable connections, explore partnerships, and discover the latest trends in the industry. The addition of an app will facilitate seamless navigation and provide real-time updates, maximising the overall experience. Furthermore, the increased sponsorship opportunities and additional content promise a more diverse and enriching event.

Supporting Holiday Park & Resort Innovation

By supporting the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show, Walter Geering demonstrates its commitment to driving innovation within the industry. The show serves as a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, fostering collaboration and growth. As an active participant in the steering committee, Walter Geering is actively shaping the future of the holiday park and leisure industry, ensuring that their offerings align with evolving consumer demands.

Jessica Marson’s appointment to the steering committee of HPI 2023 signifies a significant milestone. With the backing of Agriconnect, the event is poised to reach new heights, offering attendees an enhanced experience and unparalleled networking opportunities. As Walter Geering contributes to shaping the future of the holiday park and leisure industry, their involvement demonstrates their dedication to driving innovation and excellence. The Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show 2023 is undoubtedly set to be a must-attend event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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