The Surprising Staycation Surge: Why Walter Geering’s Holiday Park Customers Continue To Thrive in September

The Surprising Staycation Surge

In the world of travel, change is the only constant. Just when it seemed that staycations were on the brink of fading into the background as the allure of foreign travel returned this summer, a surprising turn of events has unfolded. Walter Geering’s holiday park customer, nestled in the heart of beautiful surroundings right across the UK, continue to see an impressive demand for staycations well into September and beyond.

Despite initial reports suggesting that the staycation boom might be coming to an end, Walter Geering’s customers are proving otherwise. With welcome packs flying off the shelves and near 100% occupancy rates reported for September and October, it’s clear that the allure of domestic travel is far from waning.

The Staycation Comeback

The concept of staycations, where individuals and families choose to vacation closer to home rather than jetting off to far-flung destinations, took the travel industry by storm in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With international travel restrictions, quarantine measures, and ongoing uncertainties, many people opted for the safety and familiarity of their own country.

While the summer months did indeed see a resurgence in foreign travel, it was assumed by some that the staycation trend would peter out by September. However, Walter Geering’s holiday park customers, known for its fantastic amenities and beautiful surroundings, is a testament to the resilience of the staycation movement.

Demand for Welcome Packs Soars

One clear indicator of the continued interest in staycations at Walter Geering’s holiday park customers is the skyrocketing demand for welcome packs and clear commitment these customers have for continuing to prioritise guest experience. These packs, often containing local information, snacks, toiletries and kitchen essentials, have been a staple for visitors for years. However, the surge in orders this September has been unprecedented.

Visitors, whether they are return guests or first-timers, are eager to make the most of their staycation experience. Walter Geering’s commitment to ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay is reflected in the thoughtful details of these welcome packs. It’s clear that the desire to explore local attractions and enjoy quality family time remains strong.

Near 100% Occupancy Rates for September and Beyond

One of the most striking aspects of this staycation resurgence is the near 100% occupancy rates reported for September and extending into October, including the popular October half term. This level of demand is nothing short of impressive, considering the perceived threat of the staycation trend fizzling out and indeed the economic pressures facing many families across the UK.

Guests are flocking to holiday parks for a variety of reasons. The stunning natural surroundings, the convenience of being close to home, and the family-friendly amenities make it an attractive choice. Moreover, with the park’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s no wonder that occupancy rates remain high.

The notion that staycations would wane in popularity come September has been debunked by the continued success of Walter Geering’s holiday park customers. As demand for foreign travel resurged in August, the park’s customers have shown that the appeal of staycations remains strong, and the trend is not fading away anytime soon.

With near 100% occupancy rates well into October, Walter Geering’s holiday park serves as a shining example of how the travel industry can adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. As travellers seek safety, comfort, and memorable experiences, staycations continue to provide all these elements, keeping domestic tourism vibrant and resilient.

So, whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, an extended stay, or an unforgettable holiday during the October half term, UK holiday parks are the perfect choice and proof that staycations are still very much in vogue. Embrace the beauty of your own backyard and create lasting memories right here at home.

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The Surprising Staycation Surge

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