Walter Geering’s top tips for effective housekeeping

I think we would all agree that the hospitality industry is built on guest satisfaction, and much of that happiness is achieved through your housekeeping team. Whether that’s one person or a whole team of housekeepers, these individuals are responsible for the rooms and often the entire hotel’s cleanliness.

At Walter Geering, we spend a lot of time talking to housekeepers and housekeeping managers. We understand the products they need, like and dislike in order to complete their job quickly and effectively.

We have developed 4 top tips for your housekeeping team which we hope will improve room turnover times and improve productivity.

1 Keep your trolleys well stocked

When your housekeepers enter a room, they need to with all products required to clean and replenish the rooms. Whether that’s toilet roll, cleaning liquids or guest toiletries. Our cleaning trolleys have become a housekeeping favourite, with plenty of compartments for all the essentials.

2 Linen bins

Separate linen bins ensure that your housekeepers can dispose of used linens quickly enable their own trolleys to be only carrying stock and cleaning equipment.

3 Toiletry welcome packs

Toiletry welcome packs are a convenient way to give your guests a selection of essential overnight items. Even if the previous guest has only used part of the pack, the remains can be collected by the team and repacked for future use.

4 Protect your trolleys

We are all guilty of liking a freebie and an unattended trolley that is fully stocked with guest room amenities could give your guests the opportunity to help themselves. Where possible, trolleys should be wheeled into the room which will also enable your housekeepers to have easy access to all the products needed to clean the rooms effectively.

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