We saved one customer £500 per year and eliminated 10,000 single use plastic bags

A Walter Geering customer has reported an annual saving of £500 and has eliminated the use of 10,000 single use plastic bags every year from its hotel.

The 40 room property in Devon has added our recycling bin inserts into each room. Guests have been impressed with the hotels commitment to the environment, guest are taking responsibility for their own waste and the hotels housekeeping team are able to dispose of bedroom rubbish more efficiently.

The hospitality industry is under increasing pressure to recycle and indeed reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Furthermore, 76% of holidaymakers feel hotels could be greener and want to see marked recycling bins in their room (The conscious bedroom report, 2019).

Our recycling bin inserts are a simple, but effective solution that encourages guests to separate any recyclable waste within the bedroom. These inserts will also aid your housekeeping team who can see in an instant what needs to go in to recycling and what is general waste, without the need for sorting.

Implement this product, along with others, such as our oxobiodegradable toiletry collections, and improve your hotels green credentials and up your Green Award rating.

  • Inserts sold separately or can be purchased as a full set, including the executive bedroom bin.
  • Inserts fit our existing executive bedroom bin.
  • Easy to empty with a wipe clean surface.
  • Each compartment measures H246mm x W215mm x D108mm.

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With Recycled Wood Pulp & Bamboo

With PCR Plastic

With Prevented Ocean Plastic

With Wheat Straw


With Organic Argan Oil

Vegan Friendly

Not Tested On Animals

Paraben Free

Made In The UK