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Café Express Fairtrade Coffee Decaff

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Decaffeinated Café Express Fairtrade Coffee.

Sold in packs of 500.

Product Description

Introducing Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets by Walter Geering

Enhance your guests’ mornings with the delightful taste and ethical sourcing of Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets. Specifically designed for hotels and accommodation providers, our premium decaffeinated coffee sachets offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for serving high-quality decaf coffee.

Uncompromising Quality:
Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets are crafted using the finest decaffeinated Arabica beans, carefully sourced from Fairtrade certified farms. We prioritise superior taste and aroma, ensuring that your guests enjoy a satisfying and memorable coffee experience, even without the caffeine.

Fairtrade Certification:
Walter Geering is dedicated to supporting sustainable and responsible practices. Our Fairtrade certification guarantees that the farmers and workers involved in coffee production receive fair compensation for their efforts. By choosing Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets, you contribute to promoting ethical trade and empowering communities.

Convenience and Consistency:
Designed for the hospitality industry, our coffee sachets offer unparalleled convenience. Each sachet contains precisely measured decaffeinated coffee grounds, eliminating the need for guesswork and ensuring consistent taste with every cup. With easy-to-follow instructions, preparing a rich and flavourful decaf coffee becomes effortless.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:
We recognise the importance of sustainability in the hospitality sector. Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets are thoughtfully packaged using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste and minimising your environmental impact. By choosing our coffee sachets, you demonstrate your commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Partner with Walter Geering:
With years of experience in supplying the hospitality industry, Walter Geering is a trusted partner for hotels and accommodation providers seeking exceptional decaf coffee solutions. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choose Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets to elevate your guests’ coffee experience and showcase your dedication to ethical sourcing.

Experience the Difference:
Elevate your guests’ mornings with Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets by Walter Geering. Contact us today to explore our range of decaf coffee options and discover how we can meet your unique needs. Experience the perfect blend of exceptional taste, ethical sourcing, and convenience with Cafe Express Decaffeinated Fairtrade Coffee Sachets.

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With Recycled Wood Pulp & Bamboo

With PCR Plastic

With Prevented Ocean Plastic

With Wheat Straw


With Organic Argan Oil

Vegan Friendly

Not Tested On Animals

Paraben Free

Made In The UK