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Welcome Pack for Dogs

  • Compostable
  • With Recycled Wood Pulp & Bamboo
  • Recyclable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben Free
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Dog welcome packs for pet friendly holiday accommodation providers. Making guests feel welcome is a top priority for all holiday accommodation providers so why wouldn’t that include every member of the family! Our dog welcome pack are a small token that won’t go unnoticed, and might even leave your guests begging for more….

Contains a blanket, collapsable water bowl, waste bags with dispenser and a ball, packed conveniently in a compostable and biodegradable box that is made from bamboo and recycled wood pulp.

Sold in packs of 20.


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Product Description

Dog welcome packs for pet friendly holiday accommodation providers: The Ultimate Canine Hospitality Experience

Welcome your furry guests with open paws and wagging tails! Dog Welcome Packs by Walter Geering are thoughtfully designed to ensure a memorable and convenient stay for four-legged companions. These packs are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of dogs and their owners, offering a range of essential items in an eco-friendly package.

Each Dog Welcome Pack contains three indispensable items that enhance the overall experience for both pets and their humans. The first is a collapsible water bowl, perfect for providing refreshment during outdoor adventures or leisurely strolls. Its compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, ensuring that your guests can stay hydrated on the go.

We understand the importance of responsible waste management, which is why our packs include waste bags with a convenient dispenser. These biodegradable bags make it effortless for pet owners to clean up after their furry friends, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a pleasant environment for everyone.

To add a touch of playfulness to the mix, we’ve included a dog ball in every pack. Whether used for a spirited game of fetch or as a comforting companion, this toy is sure to keep tails wagging and smiles abound.

What sets our Dog Welcome Packs apart is their commitment to sustainability. The packs are neatly organised in a compostable and biodegradable box made from a combination of bamboo and recycled wood pulp. We believe in providing a high-quality experience while minimising our environmental impact. By choosing our packs, you’re making a positive choice for the planet.

Our Dog Welcome Packs have been specifically designed for pet-friendly hotels, holiday parks, holiday homes, and other accommodation providers. They offer a hassle-free solution for accommodating guests with dogs, ensuring their needs are met from the moment they arrive. The convenience and thoughtfulness of these packs will leave a lasting impression, encouraging guests to return time and time again.

In addition to being a perfect addition to accommodation providers, our Dog Welcome Packs have gained popularity as gifts from various pet-related businesses. Veterinarians, pet insurance providers, and dog stores have embraced these packs as a delightful present for their clients and customers. By offering our packs, these businesses extend their care beyond their services, leaving a lasting impression on pet owners.

When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming environment for dogs and their owners, Dog Welcome Packs by Walter Geering are the ideal choice. With their practical contents and sustainable packaging, these packs embody our commitment to providing a first-class experience for pets and their humans alike. Make your guests feel truly special and show them that their furry companions are valued members of your community. Choose Dog Welcome Packs by Walter Geering and let tails wag with joy!

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With Recycled Wood Pulp & Bamboo

With PCR Plastic

With Prevented Ocean Plastic

With Wheat Straw


With Organic Argan Oil

Vegan Friendly

Not Tested On Animals

Paraben Free

Made In The UK